Nadine May
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 I’m a novelist at heart but think in pictures. I Love innovative design, graphics, art & crafts. My Just kidding store is all about my past and present artworks.
More and more people are linked online.  More and more people make friends all over the world from their office, lounge, living room and in my case from my office . Our physical reality is  gradually merging with another dimension.  The dimension of Cyberspace.
virtual shoppingMany of us are earning an extra income from the internet, and there are several ways to do this. Through this blog I will share my experiences about earning on the internet. I also write for websites like Bubblews, Hubpages and Wikinut, but since last month ( October 2014 ) I have discovered Redbubbles and Zazzle.

It’s great fun to set up your own online shop on Zazzle! I’m still very new at this, but on this blog I can promote some of my favorite or newest products. If any readers who happen to come across my blog he or she knows about Zazzle or redbubble, please leave a comment, or share your online shop link with me.

With my Awakening store it’s my intention to awaken, heal, uplift,inspire, guide & empower others through imagery.
Being the art director of Kima Global Publishers I was inspired to create products with the book cover designs I created, and at the same time promote the related title.

The result was the birth of Kima Global’s Gift shop
In this blog I will share my latest designs that I have published onto Zazzle and Redbubble products.
I hope that this blog will become a virtual shopping experience for many.
Thanks for joining me.
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