Sunday, February 12, 2017

Reality times in 2017

The world of Print and Demand has truly taken a big leap in the last three years, especially for me. I started designing for Redbubble and a month later opened my three shops at Zazzle in 2014
 When I hear that some of my graphic artist friends have been doing this for almost ten years, I often wonder why it took me so long to become aware of this creative opportunity.
It's now already well into February and my T-shirt designs are almost all available on many different P.O.D shops around the globe.
The photos of my latest marketing about T shirt designs are on the right. They are now available from Merch Amazon for the next 60 days under the following brand names:
Power of Words - (Most popular) Some of these T shirt designs are often derived from the graphic art in Redbubble where I have included Typographic illustrations - found under my collection: Text and Graphic designs.
Nadine May - (Flowers, Succulents, Steampunk and other Art illustration designs) Some of these T shirt designs are often derived from the graphic art in Redbubble under my Succulent collections or under my my flower & plant designs.
Just kidding - (Children’s designs) found in my Redbubble collections under Children stories, house pets and fantasy designs

African Art T-Shirts - (is my brand name on Amazon that have all an African theme) Some of these designs in Redbubble are found under my collections: African Themes  Or photos that were taken around Cape Town I have collected in my board Greetings from Cape Town.

After 60 day they are deleted from Amazon, but all these designs will always be available in my shops at
The background Art designs that are related to most of my T Shirt designs are also to be found on full print and canvas related products at:
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