Thursday, May 25, 2017

Working with Themes

My creative time designing images for T-shirts to be sold on Amazon has now shifted me to working with themes. In the Merch by Amazon Facebook groups people often mention to work with themes, but I had not followed that system before now. Now that I'm allowed to upload 10 designs each day, which I often do not manage, I have found that designing in themes has its advantage. Admittedly having the opportunity to add 10 new designs each day until I have reached 500 max designs is not easy time-wise. I will share my way of working with layered files in Photo shop while working in theme designs.

Steampunk T-shirt designs under my brand name Nadine May

Creating layered files with a theme in mind is very handy. All I need to do is change the animal inside the image .
Many designers create brand names related to a theme, but I have only done that in my computer to be more organized. Making tables in Word first under my 4 main Brand names, and then creating separated tables into themes has worked so far. Under my Nadine May brand name the largest quantity of designs in themes is published. Themes like: Steampunk - Succulents - Flowers & Protea's - Vintage by Anton Pieck
Conspiracy topic T-shirts - seem to come up and so do some of my Art designs but several of my other themes like Healthy living only 3 shirts are found.
I created designs that fall under sport & animals - Trendy fun designs but they do not come up when I type in the words "by Nadine May" I must look again at my descriptions and repeat the same keywords. I've learned a great deal by writing this blog about working with Themes and now use better keywords, so I hope this post was helpful to other designers.

Thanks for reading my post
Nadine May

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Research on how Google works with Free Marketing

To earn money with graphic work on line can be a lot of work. I do know that some seem to do it with a lot less effort, or is that my presumption? I do promote my latest work from several P.O.D shops I work with as you will see from my above links on several social media platforms and their groups, this is all for free. In this blog I want to address  In my case especially to do with T-shirt designs on Amazon it's all to do with keywords. I'm no expert when it comes to this, so I must learn.
In this post I will share how I went about it doing some investigation. I hope my readers will find it helpful.

I use Firefox as my main browser and Google Chrome second

When I type my name Nadine May into Google this page comes up: I had hoped to see the Amazon link to my T-shirts under my brand name come up on this first page, but it does not. I do see that on the first row my other blog; End Of Time appears. Thank you Wordpress!

 The marketing image in my Google+ account which I posted yesterday appears under the link: new sport designs So that is proof that this kind of marketing works!

And another latest animal design

My latest Article on Hubpages also appears on this first Google page and a separate box with my photo (which I have not changed in 8 years).
Still on the same page links to my other P.O.D stores like: Live Heroes with 3 links! Threadless as well, (so I should be more active there) links to my Linkedin - facebook -YouTube My Bio website, my Teepublic and lastly my authors page at amazon Only one other Nadine May, a singer, appears on this first page, so not too bad, but how does that apply to what people type into Google search?
Yet, if they want to find my designs and they type in something more specific like: Nadine May T-shirt designs then I get a lot more exposure - but nothing from Amazon! I do see images about most of my T-shirts on this first page.

Some images lower down on this page are not of my T-shirts and I see other’s work, but I now realize that when I click on the marketing images I have created and posted on this Wordpress blog, Justkidding8gifts, my article: I have become an Amazon T-Shirt link appears- cool.
I also see links to my other P.O.D stores like: Live Heroes with 3 links! Threadless as well, so I should be more active there. My Bio website, my Teepublic

Amazon brand names

I want to look for the 3other brand names I use in Amazon by typing them into Google.

Kiddies Shirts by Just kidding   Yes it works! My own link on Merch by Amazon does come up on the same page among others. Two of my T-shirt marketing images posted in this blog appear and the link to this Wordpress blog, including my other blogspot blog. A link to my Just Kidding brand name at Teepublic and a Google+ marketing link promotion image. By sticking to the Just kidding name I do get some hits, but...who will type that into the Google search box?
Kiddies Shirts before my Just kidding brand name seems to work better.
Now I will try African Art T-shirts. Wow this brand name works. One link does take me to my T-shirt designs.  Two links on the bottom of the first page and two of my Google+ marketing links appear.  None of my designs appear under the images. Now I learned something. What would people type in?

Under the images in Google, two images of my T-shirts appear, so do my novels, and my photo and images I have created for my articles.
I'm now working with my best selling design. Teach Peace by Nadine May. Wow! Yes my links about my designs come up, including T-shirts from Amazon. If I just type in Teach Peace, nothing, and if I type in Teach Peace T-shirts, still nothing.
If I type in; power words teach peace, then an Amazon link does come up and under the images one marketing image with my Teach Peach T-shirts appears.

Free AdWords Performance Grader and many others in Google are no good for me. They want too many details before I can start for a FREE trial. And I have NO INTENTION to pay for any advertising. All I have used so far is 

That works only for Merch Amazon. The two words Power and Words get to several of my shirts, so does Teach Peace. The words "African T-shirt designs", or "Africa theme shirts" that I feel people might type in, those words do not get to my designs, so I need to add those three keywords and see if that makes a difference.

Would people type in: Text art designs? Or Power Text designs for my Power of Word brand name designs? None of mine came up.

I learned that apart from the description of the designs, I need to step into customers shoes and imagine what they would type into search engines. Also I now see that my own marketing on social media like Google+ and Wordpress works.
I hope that my readers who do what I do have picked up on something they can use.
Thanks for reading - apologies for the many links, but I thought it brings a point across.
Nadine May

How can I find a FREE keyword performance scale?
Free AdWords Performance Grader and many others in Google are no good for me. They want too many details before I can start for a FREE trial. And I have NO INTENTION to pay for any advertising. All I have used so far is
That works only for Merch Amazon. The two words Power and Words get to several of my shirts, so does Teach Peace. The words "African T-shirt designs", or "Africa theme shirts" that I feel people might type in, those words do not get to my designs, so I need to add those three keywords and see if that makes a difference.

Would people type in: Text art designs? Or Power Text designs for my Power of Word brand name designs? None of mine came up.

I learned that apart from the description of the designs, I need to step into customers shoes and imagine what they would type into search engines. Also I now see that my own marketing on social media like Google+ and Wordpress works.

I hope that my readers who do what I do have picked up on something they can use.
Thanks for reading - apologies for the many links, but I thought it brings a point across.
Nadine May

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kiddies Shirts by Just-Kidding

This is my NEW brand name at Amazon for kiddies and young at heart. They are all priced at $14.99 at Amazon

Since Easter is almost around the corner, my update yesterday day was an Easter design, but have a look at all my other playful designs here.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Machine wash cold with like colors, dry low heat


T shirts designs for up to teenage age are also found here.


Brand name Nadine May at Amazon

Under this Nadine May link at Amazon I have well over 50 designs to choose from.  Several designs like my dream catcher design series will soon be replaced in about twenty days.

Power of Words

Under my Amazon brand name Power of Words all 30 +  'text' designs are published for both Men, Women and Youth.

African Art T-shirts

I love the African continent of many countries and tribes and nations full of contrasts, contradictions and challenges. Gradually many African people settled all over the planet, but they never lost the true vibrant spirit of Africa within their heart. I live in South Africa and Cape Town is where many nations come together.

All these T-Shirt designs and more are published at other P.O.D shops. Many of these designs have related artwork on other products besides T-shirts. The links to all my other shops on my navigating bar will take you to many other products where you will recognize the backgrounds of the above digital T-Shirt art.

Thanks for the visit and if you have a particular design for a project, please contact me or leave a comment.



Sunday, February 12, 2017

Reality times in 2017

The world of Print and Demand has truly taken a big leap in the last three years, especially for me. I started designing for Redbubble and a month later opened my three shops at Zazzle in 2014
 When I hear that some of my graphic artist friends have been doing this for almost ten years, I often wonder why it took me so long to become aware of this creative opportunity.
It's now already well into February and my T-shirt designs are almost all available on many different P.O.D shops around the globe.
The photos of my latest marketing about T shirt designs are on the right. They are now available from Merch Amazon for the next 60 days under the following brand names:
Power of Words - (Most popular) Some of these T shirt designs are often derived from the graphic art in Redbubble where I have included Typographic illustrations - found under my collection: Text and Graphic designs.
Nadine May - (Flowers, Succulents, Steampunk and other Art illustration designs) Some of these T shirt designs are often derived from the graphic art in Redbubble under my Succulent collections or under my my flower & plant designs.
Just kidding - (Children’s designs) found in my Redbubble collections under Children stories, house pets and fantasy designs

African Art T-Shirts - (is my brand name on Amazon that have all an African theme) Some of these designs in Redbubble are found under my collections: African Themes  Or photos that were taken around Cape Town I have collected in my board Greetings from Cape Town.

After 60 day they are deleted from Amazon, but all these designs will always be available in my shops at
The background Art designs that are related to most of my T Shirt designs are also to be found on full print and canvas related products at:
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What do I buy for Christmas gifts?

Both these products are fun to design for . Here are some of my children's story designs at Lifeheroes.

That Question must be in lots of people's minds, especially when all the offered discounts everywhere. I will share here what is on offer with my designs.

Zazzle's offers!

USE CODE: ZAZCYBERWEEK for up to  60% off products!   A discount of up to 60% of the product net sale price will be deducted when one or more qualifying products are purchased.  These offers seem to change every day, so do visit my two most active shops: Just kidding  and my Awakening store design shop. Or the below card collection page
 By using the code ZAZTHIRTYOFF you can get 40% off for mugs, pillows. posters and many other products. I keep getting emails on a daily basis with sometimes 75% discount for that day! That must be a sure saver in anyone's budget. It's still time to send a personalized card and Zazzle is very strong in there. I've created several. As I'm writing this blog I see $40% off all Mugs!

 Calendars from my previous blog entry do make a great gift and are cheaper to send by mail.

Society6 offers!

They are very strong in offering FREE SHIPPING! That can make a huge difference when customers live outside of the USA! I made use of it by purchasing a pillow with a photo of my own garden. If anyone is interested to have their own photos on products like I have done, please contact me.

Redbubble Offers!

My latest design, as I write this blog, is all about Steampunk. I was playing with Photoshop when I created this steampunk dragon, including a book theme design. In my past I used to make jewellery sculptures with watches and clock parts but today I have taken photos of all the cog wheels and any other parts that are found in old watches. I love the latest art display gift, an Acrylic block
Its unusual and will do well as a present for someone who has got everything already! Know one of these people? I do!
I love Redbubble's full print tops and wall decor and my favorite and most popular design this year was the Teach Peace design.

Under the brand name NadineMay and under the Power of Words on Amazon there are several Tshirts for sale for the whole family.
There are two P.O.D websites that specialize in full print products.

Lifeheroes  & RageOn.

 Here are some of my children's story designs at Lifeheroes. Both these products are fun to design for.
My latest P.O.D website i joined has been RageOn! what a fun store. I feel truly at home here.

Many of the designs that were created over the last three years I can now see what they look like on garments I would never thought possible.
 Thanks for reading my post.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Calender time again

Greetings from the souls of Africa Calendar.

Calendar and Wall art collections at Zazzle 
12 African designs
Story telling Calendar
 Reflections for every month of the year 2017
Floral treasures from the Cape - South Africa

Friday, September 30, 2016

I have become an Amazon T-Shirt designer!

There are many thousand T shirts for sale at Amazon, so I  wondered, how are mine ever found?  I started with my first brand name ‘Just Kidding’  and uploaded 25 designs that I already had prepared during my waiting period.

7e683-final2bnadine2b3d2blogoBy the end of July I was approved to upload 25 designs on their P.O.D  T-Shirt . I had waited for 5 month to get an approval, so I was very excited to give this a go. ( In my article on Hubpages:  Become an Amazon T Shirt designer I have shared a more detail about how to become a designer on Merch Amazon.)

Just kidding was my brand name in Children’s leather jackets in the eighties.
Nothing happened for over one month and suddenly I had a sale in the first week of September! The design Teach Peace was a hit.

I had uploaded that same design already on Zazzle, Redbubble and artsadd, so I was really pleased. What was even more astonishing was that the following day that same design had more sales. As I’m writing this I have now sold  Teach Peace 38 times. That was luck, since none of the other 23 designs had any success.
Then one day I saw on my dashboard that I could upload 100 designs! I was truly on cloud nine. I started gathering all the T shirt design I have created during the last two years and made a selection to upload, but now wondering, what brand-name I should  use?
 Just Kidding was fine for now, but my T shirts were appearing on someone else's Just Kidding page! This page was all about baby and toddler products.

Since I had a 100 designs to work with I speculated creating brand names that reflected the designs in question. I had sold a some African designs on several P.O.D shops, so my new brand name for these designs would fall under: 'African Art T-shirts'

Two years ago I opened a Kima Global Gift shop at Zazzle, thinking why not promoting our own publications by using the book covers I had created for Kima Global who was holding the print rights. The idea was that I could add links to the books in question in the description box. This idea was gone after Zazzle had a total new website change, and no more links were allowed, but the shop is still there.

So far I had uploaded 4 Kima Designs under Just kidding, so the brand name 'Kima Global Publishers' was born.

A great plus point is that when I type in Kima Global Publishers into the Amazon search box. Our titled come up with the T shirts!
I will gradually add more and keep most of the T Shirts at a price of $12.99

 Now the dilemma, what next? The Teach Peace design should really not be under the Just kidding brand name.

I had by now create more typographic designs so the brand name: 'Power of Words' which is a Kima Global Imprint.Amazon allows us to make changes so that was handy.

Under the Power of Words most designs would mainly be typographic art work.
It was great that Amazon allows us to re edit our text, and change or add more brand names. The website responses immediately to any changes.

My following project is to give another design subject a brand name of its own. In my Zazzle shop I have a collection called: Vintage Art Incorporated. The banner says it all. Honoring old masters by taking small parts of paintings from artists who have since passed away and incorporate them with today's modern graphic arts.

Brand name: Vintage Art Incorporated on Amazon
Over the years I have collected most of Anton Pieck's reproduction work that belonged to my mother and incorporated some into my product designs. Anton Pieck was responsible for designing almost everything for our fairy tale park Efteling in Kaatsheuvel - in Holland, now one of the major theme parks in Europe.

By now I'm getting very organized. I have asked other amazon designers on the Facebook groups about the advantages or disadvantages of having several brand names, but there are different opinions about it. Slowly I'm shifting designs away from the original 25 designs posted under Just kidding, but now I need a brand name where my popular flower and plant designs can fall under. Why not use my own name as a brand name. Nadine May.
 My sales with Succulents and South African flowers, like the Protea, have been happening with Redbubble, Zazzle and society6, so these design topics together with my Steampunk - time piece, abstract and animal designs are for now fall under my own name brand.

In future I might create a Steampunk brand name, but for now I have 48 live designs on Amazon and none have yet made a sale, apart from the one teach peace design. I do feel that it might take a few months before I learn what sells and what does not, and the beauty of designing for Amazon is that I can remove designs for new creations.

Here are the direct links to designs.  For keywords I have added (Nadine May Originals) to each post, hoping that will deter copy cats.
Just kidding    -     (Nadine May Originals)
African Art T-Shirts    (Nadine May Originals)
Kima Global Publishers  -   (Nadine May Originals)
Power of Words   -   (Nadine May Originals)
Vintage Incorporated   (Nadine May Originals)
Nadine May  -  (Nadine May Originals)

Thanks for reading my post and feel free to leave  a comment

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Designing for the T Shirt Market

Many of my designs are published on T Shirts with several P.O.D shops that specialize mainly on T shirts. Here are the links, so that any shopper can compare prices. Needless to say that Amazon is so far the cheapest, but I will add some promotion images at the end of this post from other P.O.D shops who also print T-Shirts and show the different prices.

Like my new logo? Read here how I came to this design.

Merch by Amazon

In mid-July 2016 was approved to promote 25 designs here. The designs I have chosen are a mixture for both men, women and children. I design what appeals to me, not necessarily what is the most in fashion, or the latest trend, but I hope that my original artworks under my label will take off at the super large on line shop website.

Design theft that has been rife lately, especially on Amazon, so I hope that my own designs under the Just kidding brand name here will get known before they get stolen. I wrote an article about how I saw that some of my Book cover designs were stolen and published on pillow cases! Please read and comment 


My Just Kidding online shop here shows the designs that have gone through their submission standards. This POD website is for me more a guideline (I think) as to what they are looking at in terms of popularity and printing quality. My problem here is that they only allow files of 10mb max, which is a problem for me, since many of my design files are a lot larger. They do offer many other products besides T Shirts. When you visit my shop there all you see are the designs and then you can choose on what product you like to see a design. Their upload facilities are not yet my most favorite, so not many of my designs can be seen as of yet here.


This Print on Demand online shop totally focuses on T shirts.  I need to learn a lot about what is the going trend for T-shirts, but for now I’m just having fun. here is the link to my T shirt Shop designs


I have been a Member since 2015 but so far I have only submitted 5 designs and have in total collected 129 scores. I'm not at all active here on this submission platform, but its a great way to show your own original designs.
I do have an Artist Shop with Treadless, where I can add more designs as I go along.


This P.O.D website  is mainly a T shirts kiddies clothing and bags product site and I have not been all that active here as of yet. Please click on the link to get to this buying page.


When I was writing this post I had forgotten all about this P.O.D site. I see that some of my shops are still under my own Nadine May name, and not under Just Kidding. There are not many products here and when i have a moment i have to update several of these online shops, but for now my main focus is still on the 4 main stores with Zazzle, Society6, Redbubble and since late Artsadd.    


Here my designs are also found just for T Shirts. The prices are very good and I also have an affiliate store here. Just kidding 


This is purely an campaign running site where I've learned a great deal about niche marketing and to design for a niche market. I do have campaigns running at the moment, but only if a designer invests by paying for ads on Facebook or with Twitter is there maybe a chance that we might pick up a bulk order. For me its more the exposure of my designs that can be seen everywhere. 
Here is where anyone can read my article titled: How to establish a niche market. 
It's often by sharing our experiences in the online earning activities that everyone scores.

To be inspired is great but to inspire someone else is Incredible  

Thanks for reading my post.



Saturday, June 25, 2016

A crowdfunding adventure

I'm A Time Keeper

My new business adventure is to join a crowdfunding system whereby we start a 'campaign' and upload a T Shirt design on  for a good cause - a specific business - or any event that might attract enough buyers who will place an order for the T Shirt in question.  In my case, I tried it out with my timekeeper design. This design needs to collect a minimum of 30 orders in order for TeeSpring to go and print the T Shirt and ship it to the customer. My first campaign runs until Jun 30! If not enough orders have been placed ( within these 10 days) - Then my campaign carries over for another 10 days.
Orders are printed and shipped when the time expires (June 30).You can expect your package to arrive around 2 - 5 business days after the campaign finishes printing. Orders are mailed via first-class or priority mail. Shipping costs $3.99 for the first apparel item and $2.00 for each additional apparel item. Shipping costs $1.50 for the first sticker and $0.25 for each additional sticker. Return Policy If you're not 100% satisfied, let us know and we'll make it right. View Details Campaign ID

Are you a time traveler? Is your life controlled by time? Are you an employer, paying staff for their time? Is your job controlled by time? Are you always on time? Is being on time important to you? I hope you like my steampunk graphic design.
I will share what my experiences are after the first ten days are past. I do not want to pay for advertising on Facebook or any other social media in order to get enough exposure, so we will see.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My 4 latest designs

These four images are my latest designs posted on. Redbubble and Society6 and it will soon appear on Zazzle and other POD shops I have here linked on my blog. Please look out for the products that have these designs titled: Music for the Soul - Succulents for Sale - Wheels of Time and Are-there-extraterrestrial-civilizations-we-are-not-aware-of

30 May 2016 Copy right designs by Nadine May // 

I will post the T-shirt images onto several T-shirt POD shops around the globe and I do hope that it will NEVER end up on Amazon, unless its under my name (brand) Nadine May, or under my brand (shop name) Just-Kidding.If you happen to see it on Amazon under a different designer's name, then you know it was stolen. Please contact me on my Facebook shop fan page - Nadine's cyber-shops
If you are still tempted buying a lower quality product that might be cheaper, remember that the printing will NEVER be guaranteed and your money will NOT be returned..